Furnace Installation

Even though San Diego County has a relatively mild climate, a furnace is still important to ensure that your home is protected against the colder weather. Before pursuing furnace installation, you need to understand your options.


Electric furnaces are connected to your home’s electrical system for their power supply. In general, these furnaces are popular with homeowners. This is largely because electric furnaces are affordable. In fact, they are the cheapest options. Because these furnaces run on electricity, the operating costs can be slightly higher. However, homeowners who use alternative energy sources such as solar panels can hook up their electric furnace in this manner. This can mitigate costs and minimize the environmental toll. Additionally, electricity is somewhat safer than most other energy sources.


A gas furnace uses natural gas for its energy source. Because of this, gas furnaces tend to have lower operating costs. This savings over time is balanced by a higher starting cost. Installing a gas furnace is more expensive than a comparable electric installation. However, gas furnaces are very efficient and have a longer life expectancy. Compared to a furnace that runs on normal electrical sources, gas is less harmful to the environment. The overall reliability and lower maintenance costs make these furnaces especially popular.


The choice between gas and electric is one that each homeowner must make. For the homeowner without a lot of money to put down, an electric furnace may be the best choice. However, homeowners with concerns about ongoing monthly costs may prefer to install gas. It is worth noting that the installation costs can vary substantially within each category. Both gas and electric furnaces have cheaper models and more expensive models. Moreover, many homeowners simply seek a furnace to match the hookups already available in their home. If the home has gas hookups for the furnace, then it is an extra cost to convert the hookups for electricity.


After choosing your new furnace, you will have to prepare the site. There must be easy access to the location, and there should not be any boxes or furniture nearby that could impede the work. These devices can be large, which means there must be adequate room to maneuver. Before a new furnace is installed, the old one must be removed. If new energy hookups are needed, those will be installed first. After the furnace is in place, it may be necessary to update the ducts and the thermostat. This depends on the age of your home and the furnace you choose.


If you are thinking about furnace installation in San Marcos, then be sure to get the opinion of an expert. By working with an HVAC professional, it is possible to go over your options for a new furnace and to discuss the particular concerns you have about your home. Start the installation process by contacting the best San Marcos furnace professional today.